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Field with Bales with Autumnal Trees © Lorne Gill/SNHStalker and family hillwalking with Heading for the Scottish Hills logo © Lorne Gill/SNHFilming the Sheep Wise video - NSAS and QMSDuckboard by the Falls of Clyde near New Lanark ©Lorne Gill/SNH

What is happening in the countryside? October calendar

Attention all hillwalkers - 1 July to 20 October  is the stag stalking season. Use the Heading for the Scottish Hills information service to find out where stalking is taking place so you can plan routes which minimise deer disturbance Heading for the Scottish Hills

Are you Sheep Wise? There are some really important messages for dog walkers in this new video, so please do watch it. Be Sheep Wise

Welcome to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website

This is the place to find out more about everyone's access rights and responsibilities in Scotland’s outdoors. Access rights in Scotland apply to most land and inland water.

If you’re a member of the public wanting to enjoy some fresh air in a local park, or a dog walker, hill walker, mountain biker, horse rider or kayaker, there is information for you and much more.

Scotland’s outdoors is managed by a variety of people and organisations and many of them earn their living from the land. It is all of our responsibilities to respect each other’s activities and interests in the outdoors.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code ebook

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