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Dog walking

Seasonal advice

Ground nesting bird alert!

April-July is the peak time for bird breeding in Scotland. Remember that not all birds nest in trees so please keep your dog under closer control in areas such as moorland, forests, grassland, loch shores and the seashore. This is so that your dog can't damage eggs from birds nesting on the ground, or predate young chicks that have hatched and might be vulnerable in open nests on or near to the ground.

If you're visiting a nature reserve or other conservation area you may be requested to follow a specific route or to avoid going to a specific area. Following local guidance can help to safeguard the nature and wildlife in these areas at this important time.

How to be Sheep Wise

Watch this video and find out all you need to know about being Sheep Wise.**

** Listen to Jess the dog in the radio ad **

Good news from Police Scotland is that livestock worrying has decreased by nearly 40% during spring lambing season in 2017, compared to last year. 

The three-month campaign saw 43 incidents reported, with all but two cases involving sheep. Like last year, most incidents involved only one dog; in more than half of all cases (53%) in 2017, the offending dog was local to the area and was either roaming free or otherwise not under proper control.

Most lambs are much bigger than they were in February and March, but you should still remain focussed and keep your dog under proper control to make the most of your dog walks and stay safe.

Sheep are almost always the animals affected in livestock worrying incidents, in all but two of the 43 recorded incidents, and in 86% of cases, livestock was either injured or died as a result of the incident.

** Listen to the 4 farmers in the videos below. They all love the countryside and want everyone to share that with others, but they also ask for consideration and respect for their livelihoods. **


Bob Barr and Kate Hall – Farmers in The Lothians

Alister Orr – Farmer in East Ayrshire

Kenneth Bone

Kenneth Bone - Farmer on the Isle of Arran

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